Investing in Healthy Hip Hop is investing in a brighter, healthier future for kids.

Join the movement transforming a generation through hip-hop culture, education and creative technology.

Healthy Hip Hop is on a mission to empower today’s young minds to make positive changes to their everyday lives. Our platform uses hip-hop culture, literacy and social interaction to improve learning environments and create a safe social media experience for kids.

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The Problem

Two-thirds of U.S. students are not reading at their grade level

While a majority of kids in the U.S. can't read at their grade level, they can repeat their favorite rap songs. Our team has experienced firsthand how influential hip-hop music and culture is on our youth and how much of the messaging is unhealthy for their young developing minds. Most of the popular hip-hop and social media platforms are not built with children as their audience.

The Solution

Healthy Hip Hop: Encouraging learning through music, movement and mindfulness

Healthy Hip Hop is empowering kids to make positive changes in their everyday lives through hip-hop culture, literacy and safe social interaction. We partner with parents and schools to introduce a comprehensive childhood development program that emphasizes social emotional learning, mental and physical wellness, and academic success.

Now, more than ever, kids need access to positive outlets to continue to connect, learn and grow as they are faced with isolation and constant changes in the classroom.

More than 100k+ kids reached

We’ve reached more than 100k kids across the U.S. and now have 5k+ active users. With partners like the NBA, Centene and Cox, we’ve also established 12 paid pilot programs and generated more than $300k in revenue to date.

Our Founder’s Story

Roy Scott, CEO and founder of Healthy Hip Hop, was heavily influenced by hip-hop culture growing up. After graduating high school, he passed on a promising college basketball career to become a rapper. Years later, Roy picked up his four-year-old son, Justus, from school and noticed him repeating his explicit lyrics word for word. That’s when he knew a drastic change was needed and Healthy Hip Hop was born.

Healthy Hip Hop serves as a positive alternative that focuses on uplifting youth through promoting mental and physical health, educational achievement and personal empowerment.

Our goal: $1M

Healthy Hip Hop is hoping to raise $1M toward our seed raise to enhance the educational platform’s experience for children, parents and teachers to expand access. Funds raised will go directly toward IT development, team talent and marketing and sales.

$1.2B market opportunity

With our current traction, revenue stream and customer base, we project our total addressable market is $1.2B annually. There is a $89B global edtech market, and in the U.S. alone, 30 million parents of young children are looking for successful, innovative and engaging content.

Current Investors

Hockey Stick Investments
Human Strategies
Missouri Technology Corporation

Programs & Affiliations

Cox Entrepreneurs
Arch grants
LeanLab Education
Google for Startups
Project Music

Online and Mobile Platform

The Healthy Hip Hop app can be found on iOS and Android, and we also offer a full desktop platform for educators and schools. Our programs empower parents and educators with the engaging resources they need to lead today’s kids into a brighter and healthier future.

Become a part of the movement transforming a generation through hip-hop culture, education and creative technology. Invest in our equity crowdfunding campaign on Republic.

All it takes to become our partner is a minimum investment
of $100.

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